Ecommerce PPC Management Services:
Increase Your ROAS

Ecommerce PPC Management Services, offered by digital marketing agencies or experts, involve the professional handling of Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising campaigns tailored specifically for Ecommerce businesses. The core objective is to amplify the Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) for online retailers and elevate the effectiveness of their digital advertising endeavors. In simpler terms, these services encompass crucial aspects like PPC advertising, keyword research and optimization, ad campaign setup, bid management, audience targeting, and more, all geared towards optimizing the performance of Ecommerce PPC campaigns.

Boost your order volume through effective Ecommerce PPC management.

Indeed, with about 65% of small-to-midsized businesses (SMBs) venturing into PPC advertising, formulating a smart and competitive strategy is vital, especially in the competitive ecommerce sector. However, this task is made challenging by constraints like limited time, resources, and team members. To put it plainly, standing out in the crowded PPC landscape for ecommerce demands a considerate approach, particularly for smaller businesses dealing with resource limitations.
Kiaantechnology, however, is ready to become your newest team member.
As a seasoned ecommerce PPC management agency with over 25 years of experience, we stand as a reliable option for SMBs seeking not just to promote their products but also to expand their businesses. In the last five years alone, we've assisted our clients in handling over 12.9 million transactions. If you're eager to boost your sales and transactions, get in touch with our ecommerce digital marketing agency today.
Chat with a dedicated strategist about our ecommerce PPC management services by contacting us online or request a free audit of your ecommerce PPC campaign (if you spend $1000 or more per month) today.

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Within our suite of ecommerce PPC management services:

Experience a glimpse of what it's like to collaborate with us through this overview of how our ecommerce PPC services function:

Research :

  • As your chosen ecommerce PPC service provider, we adopt a personalized approach to formulate your strategy. This involves thorough research into your business, industry, and competitors. Additionally, we engage in conversations about your brand, audience, and goals to ensure a tailored and effective PPC strategy.
  • Build :

  • After conducting the initial research, we move forward by outlining and compiling your ecommerce PPC strategy. This holistic approach covers crucial targeting elements like keywords and audiences, as well as key components such as ad groups, landing pages, ad copy, and more. As a full-service agency, we take pride in providing all the necessary components to ensure the success of your ads.
  • Optimize:

  • Upon your review and approval of the ad creatives, we proceed to launch your campaign. Subsequently, we closely monitor its performance, implementing necessary tweaks to enhance click-through rates, increase conversions, and improve the overall return on ad spend. This ongoing optimization process ensures that your campaign continues to deliver optimal results.
  • Report:

  • On a monthly basis, we generate a user-friendly report for your team. Your dedicated account manager will thoroughly review the report with you, addressing any questions you may have and offering your team a suggested roadmap for the upcoming month. This transparent and collaborative process ensures that you stay informed about the performance of your ecommerce PPC campaign and are aligned with the strategic direction for continued success.
  • Improve:

  • Leveraging insights from your previous campaign data, your dedicated account manager implements updates to your ads with the aim of enhancing their performance. This proactive approach is designed to deliver even better results for your team, such as increased website visits and sales. By continually refining and optimizing based on past campaign data, we strive to maximize the effectiveness of your ecommerce PPC efforts.
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